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Killer! Being Easter weekend my daughters came home and Katie brought her slalom board. We went out Saturday night and set out the cones. There is a deserted, dead end road outside of town with a couple hills.No homes or businesses on it ... it's just a dead end road to no where. There's never any traffic there and the road surface is nice and smooth. It was after dark when we went there, and there are no street lights on the road, so we were skating pretty much in total darkness. From where we were starting, you couldn't even see the first cone. We'd just push off in the general downhill direction and squint into the darkness.

When the first cone appeared, you make your final adjustments and enter the course. We each hit a fair number of cones each run, so on the way back up the hill you'd have to find the cones in the darkness and reset the course. And of course, the cones never went back to their original locations. Each time you pushed off into the darkness you knew two things: 1.) the cones were going to be in different spots, 2.) it didn't matter cuz you couldn't see them anyway! It was hella fun. We kept that up for about an hour. Then we put the slalom skates in the car and grabbed the longboards (I've got the 70's Flashbacks on mine). The next hill down the road is steeper and about twice as high. We hit a few runs on that, but by then it was getting really cold. Here in Wisconsin we still have snow in the forecast for this week. :-( Any way, we got home pretty late and my wife and other daughter were already asleep.

The Gummies work great. I think the 81a's were the right decision for me.


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