Attack RKP Trucks
180mm Matte Blue (Set of 2)
Attack RKP Trucks<br>180mm Matte Blue (Set of 2) Quantity in Cart: None
Price: $59.99
Baseplate #1:
Baseplate #2:
For the ultimate in freeriding and all things longboarding, the fully compatible Attack RKP cast trucks and the Liquid CNC trucks have everything you need. We provide more hanger widths and baseplate angles than any other truck company in the world. Our precision cast Attack hangers are perfectly compatible with our CNC machined Liquid baseplates and vice versa. And just about every RKP hanger on the market will fit on our baseplates. We also make both raked and rakeless hangers to completely dial in you ride. This year get onboard our trucks and see what we mean when we say Power To The Skater!

Attack RKP (Reverse Kingpin) Trucks are the first trucks to come with multiple configurations to dial in your ride. Each truck comes complete with three (3) green Abec 11 Reflex urethane bushings (90a durometer) and a harder black ThikCup™. The standard configuration uses the short (.600”) bushing + ThikCup™ on the bottom (boardside) and the medium (.650”) bushing on top (roadside). Using the taller two bushings allows for a greater range of motion when turning, perfect for hard carving and high speed cornering. To restrict the amount of lean, put the shortest bushing on top, the medium bushing on the bottom, and the bushing spacer between the bottom cup washer and the baseplate. This setup is used for better sliding and drift control when freeriding and also helps you to avoid wheel-bite. Attack hangers and baseplates are fully compatible with the precision CNC machined hangers and baseplates from the Liquid Truck Company.

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